Do Not Follow Your Dreams in the New Year

Fear is the great extinguisher of dreams... Conversely, it can be your best mentor and source of motivation.
— Paula Amato

Scott Helmer

With 2017 fast approaching and in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, many of us are confronted with the sometimes-painful reality that another year has come and gone, yet we have once again neglected to take the necessary steps to start creating the life of our dreams.   Fear of change, the unknown or God forbid, ‘failing’ is usually enough to stop most people cold in their tracks.  And although we may not be currently living the lives we’ve envisioned for ourselves, there is a sense of comfort and security that comes with keeping things as they are and maintaining the status quo.   Knowing in the back of our mind we can always get to work on pursuing our passions and goals tomorrow, but for today will stay tucked inside our cozy set of current circumstances.  Sometimes, we are forced into making those much-needed changes with the unexpected force and timing of a car crash.

That was my situation a few short years ago.  In my mid-thirties, I was on a trajectory of success and thought I had life all figured out.  Each year was better and more productive than the last and I was beginning to realize many of my life goals.  Then everything changed.  After making a series of poor choices and one fatal mistake when at a crossroads, I lost it all.  In a very short time my family, career, all of my possessions and self-respect had vanished into thin air.  I even faced the possibility of going to prison.  At my lowest point, I thought suicide was the only way out and planned to take my life on three separate occasions.

At the time I would have told you that my collapse was unexpected and came out of nowhere.  Looking back and after being brutally honest with myself I now realize that the writing was on the wall and that I just failed to see it.  As a result, I was forced into starting over and reinventing myself at an age when you are supposed to have it all together.  However, I did not start this new journey and chapter of my life empty handed.  I had a nice set of luggage or more accurately, ‘baggage’ that I acquired as a result of my poor choices and mistakes. In the end, my collapse was a blessing and a gift and led me to my true purpose for being on this planet.  And it was a direction that I had always been contemplating, even before my collapse but was too afraid to pursue. 

The lesson learned is that if you have a dream, goal or something that you want to accomplish, regardless of how big or small, go after it now!  Get started today and begin taking action to make it a reality.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment because it doesn’t exist, and don't wait to be forced into making a change.  Don’t simply follow your dreams.  Take them by the hand and lead the way.  We are the captains of our own individual ships and must hold ourselves accountable each day in order to reach our desired destinations.

Whether you have been forced into making a change, know that you want something more for yourself but have failed to take action or have tried yet failed, know that there is hope and that you ‘can’ create the life you want and deserve.  My writings on this blog are a tribute to the people, places and things that make life worth living, and act as constant reminder and example to not just follow but lead your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up.

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