Rogue Cartoonist Sketches Message of Hope for America, Especially Generation Z

There are endless possibilities in life and everyone has merit and value.
— Ben Garrison
  Ben Garrison, Boogie and the GrrrGraphics Bulldog Mascot

Ben Garrison, Boogie and the GrrrGraphics Bulldog Mascot

Motivation can come in many forms and is usually most powerful when arriving unexpectedly.  That is exactly what happened when rogue cartoonist, Ben Garrison stopped by The Scott Helmer Show on Thursday, June 22, 2017.  Calling in from his Lakeside, Montana studio with faithful companion Boogie, a 27-pound Shitzu nearby, Garrison shared his personal story of overcoming great obstacles and setbacks, and how together with his wife, Tina, has been able to turn darker times into success.

The legendary cartoonist who's bold, unmistakable style infuses the perfect combination of intellect and thought-provoking commentary on politics and current events, and who originally set out for a career as a fine artist also offered his feelings on the drift towards tyranny in America, where he finds inspiration, and some very sound advice for those in despair and for the youth of our nation, particularly Generation Z.

"You have to avoid all of those negative voices that tell you, you can't do it," Garrison told listeners.  Adding, "because I'm here to tell you that you can!"  He should know.  One of Garrison's first and most well-known pieces, "The March of Tyranny," released in 2010 and no doubt inspired in part by G. Edward Griffin's book that unmasks the Federal Reserve System, "The Creature From Jekyll Island," was the target of prominent Internet trolls who took it upon themselves to modify and re-release Garrison's original artwork in an attempt to paint him as a racist - which he is not.  "It was the worst time of my life and I handled it completely wrong," said Garrison.  "But in a lot of ways, it was a blessing because the stress transformed me from a piece of coal into a diamond."

Garrison who often works late into the night and who had been doodling in his sketchbook for the entire time during the near 3-hour interview with Helmer said that his best inspiration often comes during his daily walk which he looks forward to year-round, regardless of weather.  "Everyone should go on a walk every day, " said Garrison.  "It's very restorative and I really miss it if it doesn't happen."  Listen to the full interview here and below.

The successful Artist who's work has been published in newspapers and online at Zerohedge, Breitbart, Politico, Slate, Infowars, and is also available on his website,, had some very hopeful words of encouragement for youngsters across America, sometimes referred to as Generation Z, that wish to follow in his footsteps.  "There is a great opportunity for young people, especially young ladies because there are very few editorial cartoonists and even fewer female ones, and even fewer conservative ones,"  noted Garrison.  Adding, "there is a great opportunity to have a big audience."  Garrison went on to remind listeners, "don't do it because you want fame or fortune, do it because you love the work."

Whether Democrat or Republican, no American can deny the aesthetic charm, editorial genius and
historical consequence of Ben’s contribution to the national conversation.
— Trumps 1st Member

During the show, Garrison, who has rightly been added to the list of great American cartoonists such as Thomas Nast, Jeff MacNalley and Steve Benson, and who continues to captivate a vast national audience with boldness, wit, and the strength of his visual imagination went on to warn listeners of all ages who want to make their mark in the world to, "be wary of inertia and anything that prevents you from doing what you want to do"  Garrison advised, "put down the video games and cell phones and start doing it!"

Garrison's goal is that his work provides, "a tiny spark of hope and meaning in life for those in despair."  "I'm ringing a miniature alarm bell to help raise awareness of the drift toward tyranny."  He added, "we as private citizens need to reclaim and fight for our rights as enumerated in our Constitution."

Learn more about Ben Garrison, including how you can purchase original cartoons, signed prints and books at his website.

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