NYPD Officer Speaks Truth: Celebrity Silence Deafening after Miosotis Familia Murder

Where the hell are all the celebrities now?
— Unidentified New York City Police Officer
  Officer Miosotis Familia

Officer Miosotis Familia

Veteran New York City Police Officer and mother of three, Miosotis Familia was murdered in the Bronx as she sat in her vehicle early Wednesday morning.  With Fourth of July fireworks still going off, surveillance video shows 34-year-old ex-con, Alexander Bonds walk up to Officer Familia’s command post and fire a stolen .38-caliber revolver through a window, killing her with a bullet to the head.   Bonds was later shot dead while fleeing the scene.

Officer Famillia, 48, grew up in Washington Heights in Manhattan amid the crack cocaine epidemic. She became a police officer in her mid-30s, after ending an earlier try at the Police Academy. She raised a daughter who is now in college and twins, all while caring for her mother in an apartment two miles north of where she was killed.

The New York City police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, said in a message to officers that she was “assassinated without warning, without provocation, in a direct attack on police officers assigned to safeguard the people of New York City.” And once again the city was plunged into mourning over a targeted police killing that appeared to result in part from a swirl of mental illness and anger at the police, two and a half years after a man with a similar history fatally shot two officers through their patrol car windows.

A New York City Police Officer who's identity is not yet known released an emotional video calling out the shameful lack of support and deliberate silence from the world of professional sports and entertainment.  Asking, "where the hell are all the celebrities now?"  "Where are all the sports teams wearing NYPD stuff?" he added.  Watch the full video here or below.

The Officer went on to describe how when a criminal gets shot and killed by the police for committing a crime and victimizing law abiding citizens, they become heroes and their families become millionaires "yet when one of New York City's finest and a mother of three is murdered the celebrity world is silent."

He went on to ask those same silent celebrities, "you want to make a difference, you want your life to mean something?"  The Officer recommended, "Do the right thing.  Support the police."

I echo this Officer's sentiments and commend him for having the guts to speak the truth.  Across our country, police and first responders have been targeted in deadly attacks and there is absolutely no excuse for it.  All lives matter.  All Americans, regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, or religion, must join together in these trying times for our nation to move forward stronger.  Police officers and first responders merit our unwavering appreciation as loyal Americans, and we must stand with them.  These recent attacks are no doubt a by-product of the deliberate campaign by Hollywood, mainstream media and the music business to desensitize, demoralize and divide the American people.

This topic was also discussed during The Scott Helmer Show that aired on Thursday, July 6, 2017.  Listen here or below.

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