The Pierre Hotel Affair: Win an Autographed Copy

. . . It is written in a sensational and lurid style, reminding me of an early Mickey Spillane crime thriller.
— Paul Davis, The Washington Times.

In 1972, eight astute bandits took under siege the famed Pierre Hotel and cleverly managed to disarm the security staff so to plunder $28,000,000 from its guests’ safe deposit boxes. At that time, $28,000,000 would equate to a present value of $265,000,000. According to retired FBI Agent John Simmons, Nick ‘the Cat’ Sacco was the most wanted jewel thief in the country, if not the world. It was a brazen escapade of epic proportion that entranced the media and amused the whole nation.

Bestselling author, Daniel Simone recently appeared on The Scott Helmer to talk about his new book, "The Pierre Hotel Affair."  Published by Pegasus Books it tells how attired in tuxedoes and driven in a limousine, this band of thieves arrived at the Pierre and with perfect timing, they seized the security guards and, in systematically choreographed moves, they swiftly took the night staff―and several unfortunate guests who happened to be roaming around the lobby―as hostages.  Listen to the full interview here or below.

To help celebrate its release The Scott Helmer Show is giving listeners the opportunity to win a hardcover version of this suspenseful narrative of Mafia intrigue, police corruption, and personal betrayal, personally autographed by the author, Daniel SImone.  Ten second place winners will receive a digital copy of Scott Helmer's latest single, "Long Way Round" and an autographed version of his latest CD, "Wake Me When It's Over."  The contest ends at 12:01 am ET on August 13 and winners will be announced live on air during Helmer's broadcast later that night.


Daniel Simone, born in New York City, is an American author who specializes in writing about sensational crimes in collaboration with one of the perpetrators or investigators of the actual event. He specializes in the narrative non-fiction genre, a stylistic fashion of crafting a true story in the form of a novel, coloring the theme with character dialogues, and vivid scenes dramatized with action and suspense. These elements enliven a story, heightening the intrigue and entertainment of the readers. Simone co-wrote with Henry Hill The Lufthansa Heist.  Simone has also published approximately 130 feature stories in several print publications.  Learn more at his website.

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