Airstream Trailer: Where One Ruler of the World Calls Home

At the top tier, there are less than 70 people running it all.
— Whistleblower with Cosmic Top-Secret Security Clearance

We have heard for some time how there is a small group of elite individuals that pull the levers and control our world from the shadows.  On August 8, 2017, Mary Joyce, editor of Sky Ships Over Cashiers, a website that brings investigative eyewitness reports of UFO activity in the greater Cashiers, NC area as well as deep throat testimonies about important secret operations appeared on The Scott Helmer Show to share what she recently learned in a clandestine meeting with one alleged member of this group which is often referred to as the "Cabal." Helmer's guest explained why the whistleblower is speaking out, what the elite fear most and how all of it is connected to extraterrestrials.

Joyce told listeners how she learned that at the top tier, there are less than 70 people running it all. Quoting her informant, "despite all their power, they live in fear that the general public and the world will find out about them."  Adding, "If that were to happen, they are so few in number that they would not be able to pull off all the stuff that they do. They are fully aware of that."

During the broadcast, Joyce described how her informant told her that while those in the second and third tier of the Cabal typically live in luxury and often are well known on the world stage, those at the top tier do not live in big mansions.  He told the editor and reporter, "at least one of them that I know lives in an Airstream trailer and has a rather nomadic life."  Listen to the full interview here or below.

Joyce went on to share more details from the alleged whistleblower that were told to her during their meeting, "probably the one thing they really don’t want me to say - and I’m going to say it - is the top tier has negotiated a plan with a group of extraterrestrials.  I’m not joking.  I know people want to laugh when they hear this but it’s absolute truth, that many have suspected for some time."  Read her full story at the Sky Ships Over Cashiers website.

Later in the interview with Joyce that lasted well over an hour, she disclosed details about many strange events that have occurred and that are still ongoing in the greater Cashiers, NC area which lies about three hours west of Charlotte. These include countless UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters and more.  Many of these accounts come from respected members of the community including law enforcement and former military officials.

Perhaps most intriguing are her investigations into at least five underground bases located in and around the area including The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) which Joyce explained, "is reported by multiple credible sources to be a capstone cover for a secret, city-size, underground facility near the tiny community of Balsam Grove in Western North Carolina." Alleged operations at this facility include mind-control experiments, animal testing and more.  Read about this site and others in her book. "Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains."

The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) • Photo by David Oppenheimer

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