Illegal Immigrants Treated Better Than America's Veterans, College Student Speaks Truth

How has our country come to the point where our veterans, the ones who risk everything for this country get put to the back of the line?
— Kyle Morris, Editor-In-Chief, The Conservative Savage.

With at least twenty veterans taking their own lives each day in this country by suicide, and with millions more needing even the most basic level of treatment and assistance, one would think that our nation's warriors would receive top priority when it comes to medical care and be placed at the front of the line, ahead of the illegal immigrants that are flooding into the US at an alarming pace.

After serving our country, protecting our freedom and keeping us safe, the majority of corporate America, mainstream media, and the entertainment business attempt to shame and brainwash the American people into believing they are racists, islamophobes and worse, if they don't agree with an anti-American, subversive open-borders policy that has proven disastrous and deadly in Europe.

However, there may be real hope and change on the horizon as evidenced when University of Alabama student and Editor-In-Chief of The Conservative Savage, Kyle Morris appeared on The Scott Helmer Show to provide valuable insight into what many of our nation's youth really think. 

"it infuriates me that our government is looking out for the illegal aliens that are flooding our borders and live off the America taxpayer when we have millions of veterans that are suffering," said Morris.  He went on to ask, "how has our country come to the point where our veterans, the ones who risk everything for this country get put to the back of the line?"  Listen to the full interview here, below or on YouTube.

When asked by the host if his generation is beginning to see that actors, athletes, and musicians are not the ones to be looking up to as an example of how to live your life Morris responded, "Oh definitely, we are in a new age."  Adding, "people are finally realizing that for the most part, these celebrities are not who they say they are and are not the ones to look up to anymore."

The Conservative Savage brings an alternative, yet truthful, view of American politics. Through breaking news, opinion pieces and special interviews, they wish to enlighten Americans on why conservatives across the country see America through a different lens.  Later in the interview, Morris told listeners that they are currently hiring reporters and anyone interested in contributing may inquire via the website.  Follow Kyle Morris on Twitter here.

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