AFTER HELPING MORE THAN 200 GOOD CAUSES FUNDRAISE SINCE 2012, WE KNOW THAT IF YOU Implement these techniques YOU WILL not only meet but exceed your fundraising goals!!

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR EXACT FUNDRAISING GOAL. You and your team “must” know what your target is.

  2. CREATE AND SELL SPONSORSHIP POSITIONS to local businesses, groups and individuals to meet the above fundraising goal. That way everything collected from the door, raffle/ auction, and other activities will be a bonus.

  3. SECURE A “MATCHING SPONSOR” that will double your amount raised if you hit a predetermined goal and make sure everyone knows about this campaign!

  4. HOLD A 50/ 50 CASH RAFFLE. “Most" winners will donate a portion or all of their winnings back to you.

  5. HOLD A LIVE OR SILENT AUCTION, RAFFLE OR BOTH comprised of items donated by local businesses and individuals that support your cause.


  7. CREATE A VIP LEVEL TICKET and give them something special to justify the higher cost.

  8. OFFER A PRE-SALE DISCOUNT to encourage advance ticket sales.

  9. RUN A VIP TICKET PACKAGE CONTEST leading up to your event that is advertised across your entire platform (website, email newsletter, social media, etc..). Think of how many new emails you can gather for ongoing marketing efforts when asking people to enter your contest with their email address?

  10. HAVE A HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEALERSHIP OR CAR CLUB IN YOUR AREA? Invite both to organize a ride/ drive that ends at your event to really boost attendance and money raised! Create a special ticket package for this group that includes entrance to the event, food & drink, and a raffle ticket. Remember, Scott’s stage can be setup anywhere so perhaps you want to hold your event at a Harley-Davidson dealership?

  11. HAVE GOLFERS WITHIN YOUR NETWORK? Organize a golf outing around your event and apply the same principles listed above. Maybe you want to hold your entire event at a golf course?

  12. GET YOUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS “ON BOARD!” This event is for your cause and 100% of money raised is yours to keep!

  13. UTILIZE OUR MARKETING ASSETS - INCLUDING THE OFFICIAL TOUR COMMERCIAL! We’ve created an entire suite of items like videos, graphics, music and more. Embed these items on your event page, within your email blasts, and share them across your social media!

  14. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA! Studies show that people need to see an offer 3 to 10 times before they take action. Scott posts daily on his social media accounts, directly and indirectly mentioning his tour, your causes and events. Also consider releasing a steady stream of content across your platform to help advance and promote your event. Plus, follow Scott on social media and share his content!

  15. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Make Sure All of Your Sponsors and Supporters Are Sharing Information About Your Event on Their Social Media Platforms Too. The power from this type of teamwork and support can be incredible!

SECRET WEAPON ➤ Work the phones! Nothing replaces the power of your calling all potential sponsors and attendees to let them know about this opportunity and event. In a world of never-ending electronic communication a personal phone call is the most powerful tool you have!