Erika Grey: Bible Prophecy • The Scott Helmer Show - 03.13.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Monday, March 13, 2017

GUEST: Erika Grey - Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy expert, Erika Grey joins Scott Helmer on MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017 to discuss this topic, how it relates to current affairs around the world and more.

LEARN MORE: Erika Grey is an Evangelical Christian author, Bible Prophecy expert, journalist and commentator. Her work focuses on current world affairs and their relation to Bible Prophecy from an analytical and geopolitical viewpoint. Erika first coined the term "geopolitical" in relation to Bible Prophecy, which is now used in writings by renown prophecy teachers. Within Evangelical Christian circles, Erika Grey is the leading authority on the EU and Bible Prophecy, which is evidenced by her exposes and books on the European Union, for which Erika speaks on radio shows across the U.S.

Erika Grey hosts Prophecy Talk" on YouTube. Erika is a member of the society of professional journalists and holds high standards in her reporting of end time news. For this reason, Erika sets herself apart from other End Time Bible Prophecy Ministries and labels herself as a Magi, from the Bible meaning wise men or wise women. She models her ministry and work on the Biblical magi who were analysts and learned men and women in the knowledge and disciplines of their day. At the time of Christ, Herod consulted the Magi who understood the prophetic predictions when there were no living prophets.