J.R. Watts: Shroud Codes In The Bible • The Scott Helmer Show - 03.27.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Monday, March 27, 2017

GUEST: J.R. Watts • "Shroud Codes In The Bible"

J.R. Watts

Learn More: SHROUD OF TURIN MYSTERY SOLVED BY GOV'T CODE-BREAKER! In 2012; former government investigator, intelligence analyst & code-breaker, J.R. Watts, launched a 5 year research project to finally answer the question: Did Christ's disciples hide clues about the SHROUD OF TURIN in the New Testament? What he discovered were cryptic forms of word camouflage known to cryptologists as: open codes, null ciphers & jargon codes, arranged in diffused layers of data in the Bible. They describe the Shroud in intermittent signals, symbolic references, disguised metaphors & phonetically spelled ciphers. But their common denominator was JESUS' IMAGE ON THE SHROUD! Watts used the same code-breaking methods the CIA & NSA utilize when cracking codes, such as pattern recognition, quantitative data analysis, detection of graphical deception, cluster analysis, data mining, frequency analysis, camouflage signaling & correspondence analysis. Learn how the disciples became adept at layering their words with telltale hints about the Shroud. See why these codes remained INVISIBLE to the clergy & Shroud experts, who lack cryptology skills.

Watts also points to Old Testament verses that cloaked the Shroud in the abstract of Scripture. He says the Shroud Codes were no accident; they were there all the time, waiting for us, like a hidden dossier. It was the safest way to write about Christ's miraculous image because it subtly obscured the medium on which it existed: a shroud. The SCIENCE OF CRYPTOLOGY proves the Shroud of Turin covered the body of Jesus! BONUS INFO: J.R. WATTS REVEALS THE HARBINGERS ALL THE PROPHECY WATCHERS MISSED: Learn about the resurrection of the Exodus 32 Golden Calf Idol, REBORN in New York City's New Millennium Cow Parade in 2000. In Moses' time 3,000 people were killed in 1 day for false idolatry. On 9-11; 3,000 people were again slain in 1 day, surrounded by the SAME false idols. The book has 6 dozen color photos & free 3D glasses to view the Shroud in 3D!

J.R. Watts worked as an investigator for various government agencies in New York City for more than two decades, as well as for government intelligence contractors. But behind the scenes; he was also a code-breaker, having been educated in cryptanalysis and cryptography. He was also a Shroud of Turin researcher.