Revelation: Dawn of Global Government • The Scott Helmer Show - 04.02.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sunday, April 2, 2017

GUEST(s): Anita Untersee (Producer), Chuck Untersee (Writer/ Director), Mark Collins (George Washington) • Revelation: Dawn of Global Government

Revelation: Dawn of Global Government

Today as no other time in history, The Republic, our heritage, liberty of the American people and Christianity are poised over a bottomless precipice. See what President Trump is facing in this epic battle for the hearts and minds of all Americans.

Socialism, which ultimately evolves to Communism is openly condoned by Government. The American experience is no longer rooted in “we the people” self-government, but rather is rife with corruption and a looming police state with national self-destruct mechanisms.

Christian faith, once the essence of our founding principles is scorned. God has become a second class citizen in America. How could this have become a reality seemingly overnight? For many decades and with infinite resources, through incrementalism and covert means, a so-called “global elite” has evolved a “New World Order”. In collusion with The United Nations, global central banks and globalist concepts of free trade as a facade to undermine the national sovereignty of many nations, we now stand in the shadow of evil.

The world we have known is becoming a centrally controlled prison planet. For the first time in human history this age old concept of one world government unfolds at light speed, yet, the average American seems oblivious of history, or prophecy, lulled by a controlled media
and government agenda.

Through noted experts on central banks such as The Federal Reserve, geopolitical overview, corporate power structure, our military, the evolving police state and a government controlled church, REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government utilizes high production value, historical reenactment and the Americana spirit of country music legend Charlie Daniels to illustrate the ominous changes taking place in our country.


Revelation: Dawn of Global Government