Chase Kloetzke: UFO & Paranormal Investigator • The Scott Helmer Show 04.03.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE & TIME: Monday, April 3, 2017

GUEST: Chase Kloetzke • UFO & Paranormal Investigator

Chase Kloetzke

Chase Kloetzke earned her Master Trainer, Master Instructor title while employed with the Department of Defense. Armed with a Bio-mechanical Engineer accreditation, she was responsible for designing specialized programs and the supervision of complete success regarding Force Readiness, unique mission responsibilities and Elite Force Protection. This was achieved by understanding the goals and requirements placed on physical and mental strength assignments that are demanded and expected for today's Active Duty members and civilian anti-terrorist units. This includes assignments with Homeland Security and Private Sector Security Forces.

Schooled and certified as a Private Investigator, Chase consistently demonstrates the knowledge, technical requirements, legal parameters and the commitment to evidence-based investigations using the latest technologies and methodologies deployed by professional Law Enforcement Officials in a modern and forward moving scientific environment.

She joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1996 and was selected as The Star Team Manager and Deputy Director of Investigations through 2011. She was responsible for the program design, protocols and investigation procedures for a national rapid response unit. This position included supervision of the most experienced investigators and access to the most sensitive and complex cases reported to MUFON. As of today, Chase leads the "Special Assignment Team" of experienced and specialized investigators in MUFON, responding to the reports that need specific and thorough attention. As an International CAG investigator, Chase focuses her attention on National UFO cases reported in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Central America.

In November of 2016, Chase became a registered and official LOBBYIST for the UFO Field. This goal was realized through a progressive understanding that to truly influence change and offer a knowledgeable commentary on the realities of the UFO phenomenon, we must include our Nation's elected and the very people that are trusted as our Lawmakers. Her efforts will focus on document declassification and an Ombudsman role for witnesses and those most effected by unknown technologies. This is done through "THE FIELD REPORTS: A Science and Technology Investigation Group.

Chase continues to be an active investigator, responding to reports and international cases. She has an extensive history in the field of Ufology and a diverse investigation background that includes MUFON Field reports to Ancient artifacts as demonstrated by her study and "hands on" forensic contributions to the Elongated Skulls and The Star Child Skull, in which she maintains the Lead investigator. The "evidence" available in UFO events remains the focus as she keeps the standards high and the ethical aptitude in all she does. There is NO compromise when the truth is at stake.

As Host of a weekly Radio show and the Voice of Fate Magazine, and "THE 9," a Special Broadcasting Team of experienced and well-known researchers, investigators and leaders in the field. This show is called "ENCOUNTERS" and features:

Richard Dolan
Race Hobbs
Lee Speigel
David Marler
John Burroughs
Marc D'Antonio
Micah Hanks
Jill Hanson
Chase Kloetzke

Both Radio Shows can be found @ KGRARADIO.COM THE Global Radio Alliance.

Chase is an Author of two popular books; "Admissible" The Field Investigators Manual with Richard Dolan & the first of its kind Children's book, "Are Aliens Really Real?".

Appearances in the Award Winning Documentary Series; Watchers 8 & 10, starring LA Marzulli and Directed by Richard Shaw.

As a reoccurring guest in the media and a Presenter, she is well known for her "Boots on the Ground" dedication to solving mysteries, lively interview exchanges, and personal appearance at Book Signing events and a Presenter at many UFO/Paranormal Conferences that include:

  • The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference
  • The International UFO Congress
  • Big Bear UFO Snowfest
  • VUFOA Melbourne Australia
  • Intrepid Paradigm Symposium
  • Phoenix MUFON
  • The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference