Christian Toto: Hollywood in Toto • The Scott Helmer Show - 04.04.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

GUEST: Christian Toto • Hollywood in Toto

Christian Toto

Learn More:  Are you sick of Hollywood reporting that insults you and your views?  Hollywood in Toto has your back.

Let’s face it. Nearly every entertainment reporter in the country reports from a Blue State sensibility. And that directly flavors their reportage.

HiT is influenced both by conservatism and a sense of fairness. We welcome friendly, impassioned debates on the cultural matters of the day.

This site reflects both what’s missing with online journalism as well as what works just fine, thank you. HiT features reviews with a purpose. When you finish reading one your gut will know whether you should waste your time on that movie, show or album. Our interviews avoid fluff and ask tougher questions of the people who entertain us for a living. You deserve nothing less.

The edgy-guy in chief there is Christian Toto, who for a long time was one of the best culture writers at Big Hollywood. He knows movies and TV well, both from an aesthetic and political perspective. – Bestselling author Andrew Klavan

And when Hollywood takes a lazy swipe at paying customers who happened to hold views outside the left-of-center consensus, we aren’t afraid to step up. We respect the creative process, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like Hollywood is playing fair.

Tabloid headlines, sadly, don’t make the cut. You can find the latest Justin Bieber news at dozens of sites across the web. Have at it. No judging here. Just make sure to hit the “back” button on your browser to see what else HiT has in store.

Who is Christian Toto: I’m an award-winning journalist, member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and founder of HiT. I studied art in college and, after collecting three degrees, realized I had a brighter future away from my pad and pencil.

I eventually landed a feature writing position with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where I asked to review movies when our regular critic went on vacation.

I essentially did the same while working for The Washington Times, volunteering to pen any entertainment story I could in between my regular assignments.

I finally emerged as one of the newspaper’s regular film critics, reviewing movies and interviewing A-list talent like Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Spacey.

I left D.C. for Denver in 2007, transitioning to a freelance careerI later found work with both Breitbart News and before embracing my HiT duties full-time.

I can be heard each week on “Mike Rosen at the Movies,” “The Michael Brown Show,” “Garrison” and “Walker Daniels in the Morning.”

The Hollywood in Toto Podcast offers compelling interviews with leading voices in the conservative arts movement.  Think John Nolte, Sabo, Andrew Klavan, Nick Di Paolo and more.