Chet & Kim Brackett: The Chronicles of Tap • The Scott Helmer Show - 05.04.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Thursday, May 4, 2017

GUEST: Chet & Kim Brackett • "The Chronicles of Tap"

The Chronicles of Tap is a true story of the life of a cowboy, Tap Duncan, born in the heart of Texas in 1869. The story tells of certain struggles in his life that marked him to be the great man he became. Much of this story is from old journals found in the attic of a house the author purchased in 1981. Journals written by his great uncle Chet, an old bachelor who wrote these stories down in an effort to bring animation to his otherwise lonely winter nights in his home in Three Creek, Idaho, told of the lives of adventure that the cattlemen that he knew and that were his family. This amazing story tells of Tap Duncan;s brother being hanged in Eagle Pass, Texas in 1891 accused of a murder he didn't commit. Tap and his brothers quietly investigate and then "Take Care" of the real murderers. Then they leave Texas for the Idaho. All is well and Tap finds fulfilling employment with one of the largest ranches in the west. Meanwhile, another rancher and good friend of Tap's, Ira Brackett from Colorado is having struggles of his own in Denver. He moves to Three Creek Idaho and the friendship the two men had formed earlier is solidified by their love of the horses and ranching. There is however more than horse that binds the lives of these men together..Ira also had a brother who was killed unjustly in a small place near Denver Colorado. After a bar fight in a little cow town called Bruneau, Idaho, Tap is again needing to find a new place to live. He moves his wife and children to the Mohave area of Arizona and begins a ranching legacy of his own. A few years later a bank robbery invitation comes his way and he recruits his friend Ira to "handle the horses" at the bank. Ira can't be swayed to help by the promise of money but when Tap explains to him about "taking care" of the men in Eagle Pass, Texas who framed his brother it is and offer that Ira can't refuse. This book is a compilation of the old papers that we found from Great Uncle Chet, Family lore and Research that we have done over the last several years. This story is about strong people conquering their place in the west, about families loving each other and staying together, and about friendship deeper than blood. It is a family history, in living animation. A western of epic proportions. We truly hope that you will

Chet & Kim Brackett

About Chet & Kim Brackett: The Brackett's operate a multiple generation cattle ranch in southern Idaho.  It started when Chet’s great grandfather Ira Bracket settled in the Three Creeks Area in 1886. All his life Chet had heard hints of the deeds done by those bigger than life Duncan relatives of his grandmother Ora Lee Duncan Brackett. In 2013 taking some old journals of Chet’ great uncle Chet, family lore & extensive research, Chet & Kim begin writing the true story of these Duncan Chronicles: the hanging of an innocent man, a revenge killing, bar fights, horse races, horse theft, and confessions of a bank robbery. It’s all there and it covers the settling of the west.