The Treasure Keys to Christ's Return - Paul Blake Smith • The Scott Helmer Show - 05.21.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sunday, May 21, 2017

GUEST: Paul Blake Smith • The Treasure Keys to Christ's Return

The Treasure Keys to Christ's Return is the first in a family-friendly trilogy, featuring the action-filled life of "Big Rig Rhodes," a dashing Italian-American boxer and restaurant owner on the Florida coast. Finding an obscure pirate treasure washed up on the beach outside his eatery, intrigued Rig - along with his girlfriend Faye and her pal Jana - go in search of more on a voyage to Bimini Island, and wind up uncovering far more than they bargained for.

Our young heroes find the most amazing artifacts in Christian history; clues to an underground cavern's pirate bounty; factual forecasts for the Second Coming; and plotting terrorists who will stop at nothing to take their prizes - and their lives.

All this and more within a fun, humor-laced adventure with no adult themes or embarrassing content, but plenty of actual Biblical prophecies and passages that will likely surprise you and shape your life.

Paul Blake Smith was born and raised in MO41’s hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is a product of that city’s public school system, and then attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape, where he was a four-year Mass Communications Major with an English Minor. The grandson of a Cape Girardeau attorney of fifty-plus years - and also a U.S. Commissioner, City Attorney, and community leader – Paul is the son of a local paralegal and an educator who worked in the suspected crash area within neighboring Scott County. A fan of American history and popular culture, Paul now lives and works in a city in the western part of the Show-Me State, writing original screenplays and other books on largely historical, nonfiction subjects – including a follow-up to this original fact-based publication. MO41.