Mojave Incident - Ron Felber • The Scott Helmer Show - 06.04.17

The Scott Helmer Show • ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Sunday, June 4, 2017

GUEST: Ron FelberMojave Incident

Ron Felber

"They wanted everything we had…our minds…bodies, our souls. I thought we were going to die, or had already died and we were being tortured in Hell." —Elise Gifford

A Quiet Desert Camping Trip Turns Into An Abduction Nightmare In Mojave Incident. This May Be The Most Frightening UFO Book Ever Written.

In Mojave Incident, Ron Felber recounts the chilling experiences of Elise and Tom Gifford, real people who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials during a desert camping trip.

The Giffords say they were held captive in their camper by nonhuman creatures – and through love and prayer were able to survive the psychological torment as their captors manipulated their minds with telepathic power. The Watchers hovered over them for a day and night, stealing their thoughts and emotions, making them relive the most painful and intimate memories, bringing them to the brink of madness. Hours later they were along again – alive but the visits continued and the nightmare wasn’t over. Mojave Incident touches the subconscious fears deep in all of us.

Ron Felber is the author of the Jack Madson crime thrillers A Man of Indeterminate Value, The Kafka Society, and Dark Angel. His non-fiction books include Mojave Incident and Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor, the inspiration for the FOX television drama “The Mob Doctor”. Mr. Felber is a graduate of Georgetown University. He teaches creative writing at Drew University's Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.