Dr. Judith Reisman - The Kinsey Coverup • The Scott Helmer Show - 06.27.17

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ORIGNAL AIR DATE: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

GUEST: Dr. Judith ReismanThe Kinsey Coverup

Dr. Judith Reisman

Dr. Judith Reisman successfully spent much of her career laying the foundations for deconstructing both 'soft pornography' and 'Kinsey myths'. Her work, uncovering and documenting systemic perversion by well-funded efforts in academia, politics, business, and media, sheds light on what spawned the 'sexual from birth' dogma and helped to launch the global pollution of classrooms and institutions, our print and broadcast media and, indeed, the internet.

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Dr. Reisman, accepted as an international expert witness on human sexuality, is available for lectures, workshops and media appearances. Please contact her by email for more information.

"Dr. Reisman's study supports the conclusion that Alfred Kinsey's research was contrived, ideologically driven and misleading. Any judge, legislator or other public official who gives credence to that research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty."
Charles E. Rice, Professor, Notre Dame Law School

"The Kinsey reports (one in 1948 on males and the companion five years later) claimed that sexual activity began much earlier in life.... and displayed less horror of age differences and same-sex relationships than anyone at the time imagined. It was as if, to follow Mr. Porter again, "Anything goes". In Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, Dr. Judith A. Reisman and her colleagues demolish the foundations of the two reports ... Kinsey et al ... questioned an unrepresentative proportion of prison inmates and sex offenders in a survey of "normal" sexual behavior. Presumably some at least of those offenders were also the sources of information on stimulation to orgasm in young children that can only have come from pedophiles--or so it must be hoped. Kinsey.... has left his former co-workers some explaining to do."