The Lufthansa Heist - Daniel Simone • The Scott Helmer Show - 08.07.17

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ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Monday, August 7, 2017

GUEST: Daniel Simone • The Lufthansa Heist



THE LUFTHANSA HEIST The Lufthansa Burglary has fascinated the public for years, dominating headlines around the globe due to the story’s incredible, unending ravel of mysteries that baffled the authorities and delighted the media.  At long last, however, answers appear on the horizon.  One of the organizers of the infamous burglary, Henry Hill, in collaboration with Daniel Simone, has written a book--an unprecedented “tell-all” about the robbery with never-before-unveiled details, particulars only an insider could relay.  Titled The Lufthansa Heist, this tome is one of the last endeavors of the late Henry Hill, who is portrayed by actor Ray Liotta in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 Blockbuster film Goodfellas.

Daniel Simone, is a specialist in the genre of Narrative Non-Fiction, a true story written in the style of a novel.  This concept was created by Truman Capote when he penned his magnum opus, In Cold Blood.  And The Lufthansa Heist is the only other true crime book written in that genre`. In this captivating tale of true crime, Simone’s expertise erupts in a fast-galloping, dramatic style, spinning cinematic, true-to-life sequences while subtly depicting its roster of colorful characters, a mix of psychotics, illiterates, and sociopaths. Test audiences rendered a unanimous review: “Hill’s inside scoop, delivered by Simone’s writing prowess, crafts a suspenseful, yet comedic story fascinating not only to fans of true crime but to readers spanning all genres.”.  BUY IT NOW!

Daniel SImone


Daniel Simone, born in New York City, is an American author who specializes in writing about sensational crimes in collaboration with one of the perpetrators or investigators of the actual event. He specializes in the narrative non-fiction genre, a stylistic fashion of crafting a true story in the form of a novel, coloring the theme with character dialogues, and vivid scenes dramatized with action and suspense. These elements enliven a story, heightening the intrigue and entertainment of the readers. Simone co-wrote with Henry Hill The Lufthansa Heist. In early 2015, Simone and a collaborator completed a revelatory, and quite explosive, project about the Charles Manson murder convictions, a forthcoming book exposing never-before-told facts. Simone has also published approximately 130 feature stories in several print publications. His new book titled The Pierre Hotel Affair is now available.


  • In 1969, Daniel Simone was a technician at Grumman Aerospace Industries assigned to the Apollo Space Program.

  • In 1971, he majored in English Literature and Writing Exposition.  In the early ‘70’s, as a political activist writer, he occasionally wrote for The Village Voice.

  • In 1975, law courses followed at St. Johns University.

  • Mr. Simone is also well versed in Latin, and his intimate familiarity with Romance Languages endows him an advantage as a descriptive English writer.

  • His various business occupations and careers introduced Mr. Simone to many fields and industries: Aviation, Marine, Real Estate Development, Financing, and Law.

  • Over two decades, Mr. Simone analyzed numerous criminal trials. He has interviewed eighteen notorious members of the upper Mafia hierarchy and studied their lifestyles and mentalities.

  • Daniel Simone’s writing technique is distinct. He’s trained as a novelist and writes true stories and biographies in the Narrative Non-Fiction genre`, a nonfiction book written in the fashion of a novel.