Scott Helmer (2016)


Scott Helmer is a musician, author, speaker, radio talk show host and former insurance broker with a story that is equal parts warning and inspiration, and a must hear for everyone, regardless of age or vocation.

Since 2012, his concerts have helped raise more than $2 Million Dollars for good causes across America ranging from military veterans and their families, equine and pet rescues, food banks, non-profit theatres, suicide and crisis prevention, special needs children and adults, high schools and colleges, and more. 

Helmer has also opened for iconic acts such as Heart, Eddie Money, 3 Doors Down, Jeff Bridges, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Big Country, and more.


In 2008 as the world economy was spiraling out of control, Scott Helmer sat alone in his car on a deserted mountain road in Northern Arizona with a gun in his mouth, ready to take his own life. 

Helmer had enjoyed a successful career as an insurance broker but when financial markets took a turn for the worse earlier that year, his world also began to crumble.  At a crossroads and in a foolish, desperate attempt to save his business, he illegally used monies in his companies trust account to keep the doors open and weather the storm.  In the end, he was unsuccessful and ended up losing everything including his family, all of his possessions, his career and most importantly his self-respect as he was indicted for his crimes and faced years in prison.

Scott Helmer (2006)

Scott Helmer • Live In Concert

SCOTT HELMER SPEAKS... and sings and more!

Utilizing a never before seen mix of live music, video, storytelling, humor, brutal honesty and passion, Scott Helmer's 60-minute multimedia keynote entitled, "Wake Me When It's Over" will take your audience on an inspirational, roller coaster ride of emotion as he chronicles his incredible journey from collapse to comeback that includes:

  • Hard work, dedication and celebrated success.
  • Family, love and a bright future.
  • Falling from grace - theft and fraud.
  • Suicide, prison and starting over.
  • Using first love of music to raise more than $2 Million Dollars for charity and set a Guinness World Records title!
Everyone must hear Scott Helmer’s story.
— Tom Barnard • National Radio Hall of Fame Broadcaster


Whether your audience consists of those that have lost hope and need inspiration, been through devastating trauma, made mistakes, committed a crime or are just beginning their journey in life as teenagers or young adults, Scott's story and presentation will resonate and serve as a warning and real life example to vividly demonstrate:

  • How daily actions have consequences that will forever determine the course and outcome of our lives - for better or for worse.
  • How to identify and avoid the temptations and pitfalls that can cost you your family, hopes and dreams, livelihood, self respect and may just send you to prison or worse.
  • An important lesson to those within the financial services industry.
  • That suicide is never the answer, regardless of your past experiences, current situation or mistakes.
  • How to use challenges and tragedy to fuel your success, serve others and make a difference.
  • Secrets of living life with purpose and passion each day.
  • How to regain faith and hope once it has been lost.
  • How to never give up!

Scott's presentation and style is GENUINE, upbeat, AND entertaining.  HAVING HIM AT YOUR NEXT EVENT will create a memorable, INSPIRING experience for your audience that lasts a lifetime!



  • Scott Helmer is glad to participate in any Q&A's, take photos, sign autographs, and interact with attendees post-event to leave an impression.
  • To help make your event a tremendous success our team can work with Event Planners to create special promotional content, takeaways, and more.
  • Want to take your event to the next level?  Book Scott Helmer to perform live in concert, separate from his talk and allow your attendees the chance to experience his, "World's Greatest One-Man Rock & Country Show"!
  • This can even be used to raise money for a good cause of your choice - 100% of the proceeds are yours to keep!


Customized presentations, workshops and breakout sessions are available upon request.  Topics may include: Sales & Marketing, Team Building, Leadership, Inspiration and Motivation, Suicide Prevention & Awareness, and much more.  Please describe your needs when booking.  Scott Helmer is perfect as an Opening Keynote, General Session or Closing Keynote Speaker.