Ex-Insurance Brokers Story a Warning and Inspiration to Everyone

Musician, Author, Talk Show Host and Former Insurance Broker to Tell Inspiring Comeback Story before Live Audiences across America

Scott Helmer (2006)

Phoenix, Ariz. - In 2008 as the world economy was spiraling out of control, Scott Helmer sat alone in his car on a deserted mountain road in Northern Arizona with a gun in his mouth, ready to take his own life.  Helmer had enjoyed a successful career as an insurance broker, specializing in the energy and construction sector but when financial markets took a turn for the worse earlier that year, his world also began to crumble.  At a crossroads and in a foolish, desperate attempt to save his business, he illegally used monies in his companies trust account to keep the doors open and weather the storm.  In the end, he was unsuccessful and ended up losing everything including his family, all of his possessions, his career and most importantly his self-respect as he was indicted for his crimes and faced years in prison.

In the seconds before pulling the trigger Helmer cried out to God for help and said, "I don’t want to do this.  If you help me through this I won’t give up, will deal with the consequences of my actions and use all of this bad stuff to help others and to make a difference so that no one else has to go through what I am going through right now."

Everyone must hear Scott Helmer’s story.
— Tom Barnard • National Radio Hall of Fame Broadcaster

Helmer then put the gun down, decided to never give up and took responsibility for his actions.  Determined to keep his promise, Helmer then picked up his guitar and began a mission that continues to this day; using his talents and first love of music to give back and spread the message that there is always hope and that suicide is not the answer, regardless of your mistakes.  Since 2012 Helmer’s concerts have helped raise more than $2 Million Dollars for good causes across America ranging from military veterans and their families, equine and pet rescues, food banks, non-profit theatres, suicide and crisis prevention, special needs children and adults, high schools and colleges, and more.  Book Scott Helmer to speak at your next event here

Scott Helmer (2016)

With more than 1,000 concerts under his belt, Helmer is a seasoned entertainer who's opened for iconic acts such as Heart, Eddie Money, 3 Doors Down, Jeff Bridges, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Big Country, and more.  He is also the host of "The Scott Helmer Show," broadcasting live five nights per week.

On November 28 & 29, 2016, Helmer’s ‘Never Give Up’ Tour included an attempt to break Hunter Hayes Guinness World Records title for ‘Most Live Concerts in 24 Hours (multiple cities).’  Helmer successfully completed 12 concerts across California and Arizona in the 24-hour time frame and is awaiting formal review of the evidence and issuance of the new record title from Guinness judges.  Designed to raise awareness for Helmer's mission and message, and each participating venue was given the opportunity to fundraise for a cause of their choice alongside his history-making attempt.  Learn more at the video below or here.

Helmer notes, "my primary mission going forward is to continue using my music to make a difference and to help stop suicide by telling my story."  Adding, "I'm going to keep showing others that no matter how hopeless you feel and regardless of what mistakes you have made in the past, suicide is not the answer, giving up is not the answer and that you 'can' make a comeback."  I am living proof of that fact." 

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As for everyone just entering into the world of business and financial services or to seasoned veterans Helmer offers this bit of sound advice, "use my story, horrible mistakes and consequences as a constant reminder of what can and will go wrong when you lose sight of yourself, worry about what everyone else thinks and try to fast-track your success."  Adding, "there is a perfect accounting system in the universe, eventually you will have to pay and rightfully so."  "I deserve everything that happened to me and am thankful I was given a second chance to make things right."

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