Miracles Do Happen: NYC Charity Concert to Benefit Foundation Supporting Paralyzed Patients In Quest to Walk Again

With new events added weekly, non-profits like NeuroScaffold Foundation are fundraising with Scott Helmer's 'Support YOUR Cause' tour

Phoenix, Ariz. – Independent touring and recording artist Scott Helmer, who has opened for iconic acts such as Heart, Eddie Money, 3 Doors Down, Jeff Bridges, Eric Burdon & The Animals, and Big Country, is spending a year and a half traveling more than 25,000 miles across America, donating his time and talent by performing at 200+ concerts for free in venues ranging from historic theatres to Harley-Davidson dealerships, to help raise $1 million for good causes.  On October 24, 2015, the tour stops in New York City to raise funds for the NeuroScaffold Foundation, a newly-formed charity supporting paralyzed victims of traumatic spinal injuries who are recipients of neuro-spinal scaffolding (NSS), an experimental device that may enable patients to walk again.  The Foundation provides needed medical equipment and physical therapy for NSS recipients when gaps exist in health insurance coverage.

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InVivo Therapeutics developed the NSS concept, which consists of a biopolymer device implanted around the spine after a severe injury. The tiny scaffolding gives the damaged nerve endings support to re-grow and repair the spine, slowly degrading away after doing its job. If it works, recipients might avoid lifelong paralysis.

Only two people have so far received the experimental surgery. The first was 26-year-old Jordan Fallis of Peoria AZ, who suffered a severed spinal cord in a motorcycle accident last October. The second was 22-year-old Jesi Stracham of Charlotte NC, who also suffered serious spinal cord damage in a motorcycle accident this past January. Being the only two NSS recipients in the world brought Fallis and Stracham together for mutual support, and they have since fallen in love as well.

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“Jesi and Jordan’s story is full of hope and love in spite of the odds against them," Helmer said.  "There is no doubt in my mind that they will both walk again. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to help them and others fulfill that dream.” Details of the October 24 event are still in the works but the goal is to help raise $100,000 for NeuroScaffold Foundation.

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The Support YOUR Cause Tour 2014-2015 began on May 17, 2014 with a motorcycle ride and concert to benefit Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) at Los Angeles Harley-Davidson of Anaheim, Calif., and will end with the final benefit concert on December 31, 2015.  Until then, historic theatres, charities, and good causes can still register to be considered.

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Helmer’s tour consists of the entertainer’s offer to all charities and nonprofits across America: Upbeat, energetic solo-acoustic set of rock and country favorites along with original material from his new CD, Wake Me When It’s Over, at their fundraising event free of charge. To date, more than 150 groups, including seventy-five historic theatres have signed up, ranging from the Kostopulos Dream Foundation in Salt Lake City, UT to the historic Raymond Theatre in Washington.

Helmer’s tour has hit it's stride and has successfully moved passed the $300K milestone of funds raised for historic theatres and other good causes. Helmer will not handle any money or donations on behalf of organizations during his performances on the Support YOUR Cause Tour. His only requirement is that each historic theatre or charity has a goal of raising at least $10,000 during its event.

After making a huge mistake back in 2008 that cost him his livelihood and his family, Helmer hit the reset button on his life to focus on three simple things: Creating music, performing music, and helping others, which is why he’s also an enthusiastic volunteer for Musicians On Call. Helmer notes, “If I can come back from the brink, anyone can. I hope my story inspires others to never give up.”

Historic theatres and other good causes interested in fundraising with Helmer's tour can be considered by filling out the registration form. Scott Helmer proudly endorses Elixir Strings, Gator Cases and Pedaltrain. Helmer is also accepting tour sponsors. Businesses and individuals can learn more here.