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How Talk Radio Saved One Rocker’s Soul

Singer-songwriter Scott Helmer gave himself a second chance, and he owes some of that to talk radio.  The Scott Helmer Show is not primarily about politics, though it’ll probably come up. I’m a singer-songwriter, but it’s not primarily about music, either. My concerts have helped raise more than $2 million for worthy causes, but it’s not about all the great work nonprofit groups do around the nation.

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Scott Helmer Launches Talk Radio Show Covering Entertainment, Current Affairs, Unexplained Phenomena, Conspiracy and More

The Scott Helmer Show premieres Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 11 pm EDT/ 8 pm PDT.  The format is a LIVE two-hour, long-form interview talk radio show airing Sunday through Thursday.  Each week, Helmer and his guests will discuss topics ranging from entertainment, current affairs, unexplained phenomena, conspiracy and more

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